We have been invited by the Grand Hyatt to create an Easter display for the foyer of the hotel!

Our Owner Drew Maddison once worked at the hotel in the Pastry kitchen during 2000-2003 where he picked up valuableskills that furthered his career.

Tomorrow Drew will return to build an Easter Chocolate showpiece onsite with his team in Head Chocolatier Geraud Lemenger and Assistant Chocolatier GyuWahn Kim, which will be on show over Easter. We’ll be going live while it happens so you can witness the exciting creation!

The team have been working on creating the pieces over the past two weeks which has been inspired by the imagination of Drew and Karin’s two boys and their belief on how Easter Eggs are created. Drew asked both the boys where they thought Easter Eggs came from…

“Well Dad, chickens eat chocolate and lay chocolate eggs but because they’re busy laying eggs, rabbits help them deliver the eggs because they run faster.” Simple really!

The showpiece will be completely edible and weigh close to 80kg of Belgian Callebaut Chocolate, stand close to 1.5metre tall and be made up of a Ministry of Chocolate range of eggs and chocolate figurines.

Easter stock is still available for purchase from our Malvern and Prahran Market sites this week in the lead up to Easter Sunday.

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