At the Ministry of Chocolate we love what we do. We aim for this passion to translate into the products we make and your experience with us. At the end of the day, we understand that while what we do is important to us, it is not central to making the world turn. There is a much bigger picture.

About this time six years ago, a very close friend to the Ministry of Chocolate was diagnosed with breast cancer at a young age. The feeling of being unable to help, but not prepared to do nothing led to the beginning of various initiatives and events to raise money for this worthwhile cause, and show her our support. Our inaugural event (before the Ministry of Chocolate was born) was a small chocolate appreciation session held with ten people in our home.

Each year since we have either held an event in store, or donated proceeds of product sales to the cause, in a show of support to all those affected by Women’s cancers. Over the years attendance has grown significantly along with raising a total of $5,000!

We are please to say that our friend is now cancer free, but we continue to get involved every year because of the bigger picture. Everyone knows someone affected by cancer; no one remains untouched. This is just a small way we choose to get involved – and you can too! BOOK YOUR SPOT NOW, LIMITED SPACES ONLY!

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