13cm Almond & Orange Egg (150g)

$22.95 inc. GST

13cm dark couverture egg with candied orange and roasted almonds. Contains  nuts, dairy & soy lecithin. Packaging dimensions 10cm x 10cm x 15cmH.

“I would love to receive this egg as a gift for Easter, but in our house I do all the Easter shopping.” We hear this comment EVERY year about our Almond/Orange Egg, at LEAST 10 times! This egg is not only beautiful, but absolutely delicious!

Made within the same facility that also processes products with egg, milk, peanut, sesame, soybean, treenuts & wheat (gluten).

Made from 100% sustainably grown cacao.  100% palm oil free.  Shipping Victoria wide only due to fragility.

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Additional information

Weight .160 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 15 cm

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