The Ministry of Chocolate is proudly Australian made AND Australian owned.



We are not able to guarantee same day processing and despatch for orders, and are not able to guarantee deliveries on specific days. We do our very best to meet your needs, but please be respectful and work with us.

At the moment, COVID-19 restrictions have meant an increase in demand for delivery services.  As such, we are not able to guarantee overnight postage services, even if sent via express.

We use third party delivery companies in most circumstances, and are not able to take responsibility for unanticipated delays they may be affected by.

We reserve the right to delay postage during heatwaves and to avoid goods being in transit over the weekend, if we believe it may lead to the goods becoming heat or otherwise damaged.

We take every precaution to pack orders carefully to ensure minimal movement in transit, and use freezer pouches where deemed necessary.

We use sign-on-delivery as our standard practice.  We are not liable for loss or damage if you elect for goods to be ‘left in a safe place’.

 It is the responsibility of the sender to provide full, complete and accurate shipping details.  If redelivery is required, and the sender is at fault, fees will apply.







We use sustainable and ethically sourced chocolate supplied by Barry Callebaut. They have great programs in place that supports third world growers by building schools and hospitals in country.  We have had the privilege to visit these in person and have confidence in these programs and their longevity/sustainability.

We also use Australian grown chocolate which is to Australian standards and supports Australian growers and manufacturers.

Regarding our packaging, we have already made some changes in our range to move towards recyclable and biodegradable.  Additionally, aiming towards removing unnecessary ‘excess’ In packaging. The plastic wrap on our bars is high on the list for replacement to a version that breaks down; we have had discussion with our supplier regarding this.  The process for changing over our entire range takes time and at this time it is a work in progress.

We have beehives on site in the factory backyard and we use some of the honey harvested in our honeycomb. The rest remains in the hive for the bees to use, and our residential neighbours enjoy bumper fruit and veggie crops as a side benefit!

Wherever possible we use locally grown ingredients including Murray River Salt Flakes, Almondco almonds and freeze dried strawberries from Mornington Peninsula, as well as local cream and butter.

Our policy is to not purchase or use any ingredients with palm sugar.








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